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About Us

With the enactment of the Law No. 5193 on Opticians in 2004, new rights granted to opticians have brought some responsibilities. With this development, the interest of opticians in contact lenses, who follow the developments in their profession, has naturally started to increase.
Cihan Medikal was established as a Medical Device Importer and Exporter in March 2004, when the Law on Opticians No. 5193 came into force, and took its place in the sector with its expert staff and wide product range, equipped with the knowledge to meet all the needs of opticians in contact lenses.


Cihan Medikal, which has adopted the principle of developing the optics industry and strengthening domestic capital since the day it was founded, apart from contact lenses; It serves the optics industry by keeping innovative products and optical accessories that meet special usage needs such as anti-fogging glass cloth, masks, audible glasses and magnifying glasses in its portfolio.
In addition, Elegance in contact lens and lens solution is a registered trademark of Cihan Medikal A.Ş. Elegance, which is based on human health and sold only by prescription in optical stores with 100% customer satisfaction, has also strengthened the hand of opticians against foreign capital.

We can list Cihan Medikal's products under the Elegance Brand as follows;


  • Contact Lenses

    • Clear Hydrogel

      • Elegance 55 Montly

      • Elegance 1 Day BioMoist Daily

    • Clear Silicon Hydrogel

      • Elegance Comfort Monthly

      • Elegance Comfort Toric Monthly

    • Color Hydrogel

      • Elegance Soft Colors 1-3 Months

      • Elegance Elite 1-3 Months

      • Elegance Freshcolors 1-3 Months

    • Prosthetic

    • Elegance Pro Yearly

    • Rx Special Production

    • Elegance Special Toric Yearly

    • Elegance Freshcolors Toric Yearly

  • Lens Solutions

    • Elegance Aquafresh Multipurpose Soft CL Solution

    • Elegance Aquafresh Natura Herbal Multipurpose Soft CL Solution

    • Elegance GP Plus Rigid Lens Solution

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