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Our Products

Cihan Medikal's optical product range with high technology and advanced production standards is among the leading brands and products of the optics industry.

GP PLUS - Ophthalmic Lenses

1.50 CR-39 SPH Uncoated

1.56 55mm SPH HMC

1.56 60mm SPH HMC

1.56 65/70mm SPH HMC

1.56 UV400 1.56 GP400 ASP SHMC

1.56 Photochromic Brown SPH HMC

1.56 Photochromic Gray SPH HMC

1.56 Sunlens SPH HMC

1.56 SPH Sunlens Colors

1.58 GP-Vex ASP SHMC

1.61 65/75mm ASP SHMC

1.67 70/75mm ASP SHMC

1,523 Mineral White

1,523 Mineral Photochromic Brown

1,523 Mineral Photochromic Gray

GP Polarized

1.56 Photochromic SPH HMC 

Pink/ Blue/ Purple

1.56 Gray Photochromic Mirror SPH

Green/ Ice Blue/ Pink/ Red/ Silver

GPolarize 1.50 Driving Polarized Photochromic Mirror SPH (Yellow Based)

Green/ Ice Blue/ Silver

GPolarize 1.50 Gray Polarized Photochromic Mirror SPH (Grey Based)

Gold/ Red/ Silver

GPolarized 1.50 Brown - Green - Gray SPH HMC

Brown/ Green/ Gray

Frequency- Stock Glasses

Frequency Bluecut

1.56 Bluecut ASP SHMC

1.56 Blue Bluecut ASP SHMC

1.58 Colorvex Gray Photochromic Bluecut ASP SHMC

1.58 Colorblue Gray Photochromic Bluecut ASP SHMC

1.60 Ultravex Bluecut ASP SHMC

1.74 Bluecut ASP SHMC

Frequency Bluecut Multifocal

1.56 Bluecut Multifocal Stock ASP SHMC

Biomedix Crystal

1.56 ASP Ultra Hydrophobic

Elegance Contact Lenses

Voice Glasses

First in Turkey and in the World  

With Bone Conduction Technology, you can hear sounds without a headset in your ear. In this way, you can easily hear the sounds of teeth, so you can safely walk outside.

You can connect with any device with BlueTooth. You can make phone calls without using your hands.

You can talk by automatically opening your incoming phones.

You can make phone calls with SIRI.

You can talk on the phone and listen to music more safely as your hands are free while driving, cycling, or any sporting activity.

You can do all of your active sports with sunglasses that you can use with 3 different colored lenses, which have UV protection, polaroid features, and are resistant to breakage and scratching. 

Elegance Clear Contact Lenses

Elegance Comfort

Elegance Comfort Toric

Elegance 55 UV

Elegance 1-Day with BioMoist

Elegance Special Toric

Elegance Color Contact Lenses

Elegance Soft Colors

Elegance Freshcolors

Elegance Freshcolors Toric

Elegance Elite

Elegance EyeArt

Elegance Reine

Elegance Fancy

Elegance Prosthetic

Elegance Contact Lens Solutions

Elegance Aquafresh Soft Lens Solution

Elegance Aquafresh Natura Herbal Solution

GP Plus Hard Lens Solution

Magnifying Glasses

You Can Use Both Hands for Handicrafts Requiring Close Vision!


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